Coastal Bargains

Coastal Bargains is a project I've wanted to build for a long time. I love the ocean and a beachside vibe. Sadly, coastal tourist towns are suffering due to Coronavirus travel restrictions. The Coastal Bargains community aims to bring the shop owners from coastal communities around the glob, and the people who love shopping quaint coastal towns, together online. Together, we'll find creative ways to support struggling shop owners and preserving the beachside vibe for future generations. And have lots of fun doing it!

Facebook Group

I elected to use Facebook Groups for the Coastal Bargain Community. I don't require the ability to message my entire group. Therefore, I can leverage the power of Facebook without worry.

Revenue Model

I am building profile pages and the ability for shop owners to display their wares to virtual patrons. Access requires a paid Tonic Ventures membership.

Coast Bargains

Monthly tool expense




Community Platform

Facebook Groups



Digital Infrastructure

Zoho One